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Modules for MATH

1) What is Modules for Math?
2) An intervention program which uses cognitive training techniques that target the basic skills needed for mathematic proficiency.
3) It provides an alternative route toward the development of basic math skills.
It is designed for children in kindergarten through grade
Math Modules is not a set of drills and exercises that provide “extra practice” for arithmetic: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
The aim is to build on the mathematical knowledge that is already seen even in babies .
Arithmetic Facts come later, building on that knowledge.
There are Two components of Math Proficiency: (1)computing and (2)word problems.
These components depend on 5 different skills

The Math Module Manual comprises specific Modules related to these basic skills

Five sets of skills shown in the figure below are trained by Math Module Program.

There are 5 Modules .Each targets a set of skills, The two figures illustrate this. • Each module includes... An introduction and background to the central focus of the


• Items for training cognitive operations

• Small group activities, which may also be administered as partner or one-on-one

Supplementary lessons which have been linked curriculum for Mathematics (kindergarten

to gr.2) have been provided for those who may like to use the lesson plans.


Discover Modules for Math: A Unique Approach to Early Math Education

Welcome to Modules for Math, an innovative and engaging educational program specially designed for children in kindergarten through grade 2. Our approach is distinct from traditional math instruction, as we utilize cognitive training techniques to cultivate the essential skills required for mathematical proficiency.

What Sets Us Apart?

Unlike conventional math programs that often rely on repetitive drills and exercises, Modules for Math offers a fresh and holistic approach. Our primary goal is to develop a strong foundation in fundamental skills before diving into arithmetic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The Five Modules

At the heart of our program are five carefully crafted modules, each tailored to target specific skill sets crucial for mathematical success. These modules are divided into two core components: computing and word problems.

What You all Find in Each Module

When you explore our Math Module Manual, you'll discover a wealth of resources to support your child's math journey. Each module includes:

1. Introduction: Gain insight into the central focus of the module and itssignificance in your child's mathematical development.

2. Cognitive Training Exercises: Engage your child with thoughtfully designed activities that enhance their cognitive abilities.

3. Small Group Activities: These activities are versatile and can be adapted for both group sessions and one-on-one learning experiences.

4. Supplementary Lesson Plans: We've thoughtfully linked our lessons to the kindergarten to grade 2 mathematics curriculum, making it easy for educators and parents alike.

Why Choose Modules for Math?

Our program is rooted in the belief that children possess innate mathematical potential from a very young age. Modules for Math seeks to nurture this potential and provide a solid foundation for future mathematical concepts.
Adopt an educational approach that gives importance to essential skills, fosters a deep understanding of math, and guides your child toward mastering advanced mathematical concepts.
Join us on this exciting journey towards mathematical proficiency with Modules for Math!