Cognitive Enhancements Solutions - Learning Programs for Children
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Modules for MATH targets basic math skills and includes training programs to facilitate and improve math learning.
Improve reading & comprehension skills for children in grades 2 through 6 with PREP.
Quickly assess and improve cognitive development in children from pre-K through 1st grade with COGENT.
The MATH, PREP & COGENT Learning Systems are easy to use for teachers, psychologists and even motivated parents.
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Purchase COGENT, $600

Purchase PREP, $600

Purchase MATH, $139

Backed by Decades of Research

MATH, PREP and COGENT were created by J.P. Das — the world-renowned Professor (Emeritus) of Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta — based on his pioneering PASS theory of intelligence.

Professor Das has authored literally hundreds of peer-reviewed manuscripts in his field as well as numerous books and book chapters. 

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By using PREP and COGENT, parents may be confident that with such a good start their child’s future will be bright!

Dr. Timothy C. Papadopoulos

PREP is effective and cost effective if one considers the per pupil cost factor which includes, of course, personnel costs.

Dr. Jerry Carlson