Cognitive Enhancements Solutions - Learning Programs for Children

Why choose PREP?

PREP offers numerous advantages over other remedial reading programs:

  1. Enrichment of the cognitive processes required for learning followed by easy transfer to curriculum material.
  2. Intensive help for one-on-one training, up to one-on-four ensures no failure experience.
  3. Improvement usually observed in 20 one-hour sessions, 3 sessions a week.
  4. Suitable for dyslexics, and disadvantaged learners including First Nations children.

Grade Level Improvement (in years) due to PREP Intervention

While other Chapter 1 reading interventions have not necessarily proven effective at mitigating the deficits disadvantaged children often exhibit, PREP was shown to improve both Word Attack and Word Identification significantly on the Woodcock Reading Mastery-Revised subtests after just 15 hours of instruction.

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Measure  Before After
Word Identification 2.9 3.6
Word Attack 2.57 4.38


Supporting Publications