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Remedial reading comprehension with PREP

PREP is a remedial reading comprehension program for primary school-aged children who are experiencing difficulty with reading and spelling. It is based on widely accepted theories of child development and cognitive development.

PREP was created by J.P. Das — the world-renowned Professor (Emeritus) of Educational Psychology — and is designed to improve the information-processing strategies that underlie reading and reading comprehension while at the same time avoiding the direct teaching of word reading skills.

During a typical session, a facilitator such as a teacher, educational psychologist or even highly-motivated parents can implement the PREP program with up to four students in a typical classroom setting. Improvements in reading and reading comprehension are typically acheived in 12-16 hours of facilitation.

What's included in the PREP reading comprehension program?

  • Successive Processing tasks, 1 printed instructional manual, 190 pages
  • Simultaneous Processing tasks, 1 printed instructional manual, 150 pages
  • 45 reuseable, laminated sheets (8.5 x 11)
  • 1 package of reuseable manipulatables (objects, shapes, etc...) and laminated cards