Why choose Modules for MATH and Cognitive Training

Modules for Math has several advantages for all children who are beginning to learn math.:

  1. It promotes understanding and practicing the foundations of math learning.
  2. Does not require memorizing ‘facts’ by rote learning.
  3. By providing pictures and graphics, the contents of each module engage children and motivate them to learn about numbers.
  4. The program is interactive and encourages self-learning.
  5. It can be individually designed for each child. This is important for children who experience Math Learning Difficulty(MLD)
  6. Joint activities shared among the children and the facilitator or teacher should help building the five basic Math Skills.
  7. Children are asked to make up new tasks like the tasks they did in a particular Module in the class, or as ‘home-work’ that may be done jointly with other members of the family.
  8. The Modules are easy to use in home-schooling.