Cognitive Enhancements Solutions - Learning Programs for Children

Modules for MATH - a manual for cognitive training

By mid-elementary school, some children have completely lost interest in learning math. Two conditions affect their inability to learn: failure of instruction in school and children’s specific cognitive deficiencies.

The good news is that scientific research has introduced various rules and tools to help.

Modules for MATH applies some of those rules and tools as it seeks to strengthen children’s foundations of mathematical concepts. Furthermore, it proposes remedial methods guided by research.

What's included in this child education program?

  • 1 electronic teacher's manual, 115 pages
  • 1 electronic student workbook, 168 pages
  • 1 electronic supplemental student workbook, 93 pages
  • 1 electronic lesson plan book, 342 pages
  • 2 electronic Powerpoint presentations