Why choose COGENT?

COGENT offers numerous advantages over other learning and cognition programs:

  1. School readiness program for single or up to 10 children in a resource room, depending on intensity of help required.
  2. Short, interactive sessions that can be tailored to the needs of even special children including ADHD, those at-risk for learning and reading, and those in the autism spectrum disorder group.
  3. Joint activites shared between the facilitator and student can be improvised, as suggested in the Manual to build basic skills of attention, speech discrimination, rapid automatic recognition of letters, shapes and objects, and language development.
  4. Activities can be extended for home schooling and home work.
  5. Scientifcally proven to improve student performance

Scientifically tested and results-oriented

COGENT is scientifically proven to improve student performance in a number of standardized tests. For example, even the weakest readers receiving COGENT training intervention experienced gains on Letter/Word Identification, Word Attack, and Passage Comprehension (sub-tests of the Woodcock-Johnson Tests of Achievement).

Most students in the intervention group scored below the 5th percentile before receiving COGENT instruction but the post-test revealed almost all students had achieved higher than the 10th percentile after 20 hours of instruction in the program.

{supertable table}{headrows 1}{headcols 1 35}{rowheight 1 25px}{rowheight 2 20px}{rowheight 3 20px}{rowheight 4 20px}{rowheight 5 20px}

Measure  Before After Before After
< 10%ile < 10 %ile < 5%ile < 5 %ile
Letter/Word Identification 27 9 63 18
Word Attack 27 9 27 9
Passage Comprehension 55 9 46 18


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