Cognitive Enhancements Solutions - Learning Programs for Children

COGENT - Cognitive Enhancement Training

COGENT is a cognitive stimulation program that accelerates the mental development of children and the enhancement of cognition, especially linked to literacy and school learning.

The main objective of COGENT is to supplement children's literacy skills that could be acquired spontaneously at home, school, and the community. The program should benefit cognitive development of normal children as well as children with special needs. These children with special needs cover a wide range including:

  • children with limited exposure to literacy,
  • children with mild developmental delay and
  • children at risk for developing dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

For some of these children COGENT provides alternative routes towards the development of reading and academic skills. COGENT is based on broader developmental theories for important cognitive functions in early childhood especially those related to language development, while using basic cognitive processes such as planning, attention, and simultaneous and Successive processing or PASS.

The COGENT Program includes 5 modules

  • Squeeze and Say
  • Clap and Listen
  • Funny Relatives
  • Name Game
  • Shapes, Colours and Letters